A04 Network

Using mathematical modelling to unravel the reality and the details of psychotherapy

Our motto is “fusing mathematics and psychology”.
Using mathematical modelling, we are aiming to reveal the reality of psychotherapy at a degree of detail that cannot be captured just by human capacity in order to gain insight that can benefit clinicians and patients.

Jun Kashihara
Assistant professor, Toyo University, School of sociology
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Our Project

Mental disorders are maintained by a wide range of symptoms and its complex reciprocal interactions. Psychotherapy is designed to accurately assess these interactions and select the appropriate intervention techniques to disrupt the mechanism of pathology.

The Network Unit will present our findings in facilitating assessment and selection of intervention techniques procedures, both of which normally requires considerable training. More specifically, we are going to use various data obtained from psychotherapy to consider the following:

  1. Organize the complex reciprocally interactive patterns of symptoms using mathematical modeling to visualize it as a network.
  2. Add the types of techniques used in each psychotherapy session to the abovementioned network to unravel the process of change of individual techniques in detail.
  3. Add information obtained from other research units to the same network to understand how language and acoustic information (factors unique to human interactions) relate to the treatment of mental disorders.