Mental Health Care

Through Digital-Human Integration

Our mission

We define “Ultra-high-definition mental health care” as the research area that aims to identify mental states and predict intervention outcomes using a wide range of data obtained from communications, that is rich in its variation, quantity, and degree of detail. By fusing both methodologies of human and digital technologies we may achieve a new high precision care.
Our pioneering project uses high-quality data from a clinical trial of psychotherapy, and we are aiming to build a foundation for future development in this field.

Meet the leader
Overview of the field
Advisory Board

Meet the leader

We envision utilizing digital technology to achieve mental health care with high definition.

Masaya Ito (PhD.)
National Center of Neurology and Psychiatry
National Center for Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Research
Manager, Department of Research and Development

Leader Interview

Overview of the field

Digital x Human
Can we achieve better mental health care by synthesizing the power of both?
In this field, we will take up the challenge with four approaches.


Using Artificial Intelligence Technology to Understand Human Communication in Greater Detail
Not only in this field, but such attempts have begun all over the world.
We are looking for colleagues to join us in this challenge.

Advisory Board

Researchers who give consultation and advice to our study


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